Therapeutic writing workshop

Writing is a wonderful tool for self-expression and an effective means of healing. This means of expression gives us the possibility to put on paper the confused and disordered images and thoughts that are within us, to clarify our ideas and to listen to ourselves in a more attentive and profound way so as to put words to our ills. Writing allows us to revisit key moments in our history, with emotional distance. What is buried comes to the surface in order to give meaning or a new perspective to our experience.

The therapeutic writing workshop is a social and trans-generational activity that is part of the relationship with the other. Although the participant enters into a personal process of self-expression, while developing his or her creativity, he or she is also stimulated by the other, insofar as the activity involves sharing with the other participants. The objective of these workshops is to offer a space to express one’s emotions and foster one’s creativity. You don’t have to be an expert in literature to participate.

The workshops are organized in groups of max. 9 people. They last 1h30 and are organized once or twice a month. Most of the time, themes are proposed. Once the texts have been written, the participants are invited to read their composition aloud. At the end, we will have a debriefing time. 

Rewrite your story

The way we tell our life story defines us far more than we imagine. Our story is often a mixture of facts and the way we choose, sometimes unconsciously, to remember them. By rewriting our story with a new perspective, we have the opportunity to continue our journey with a healthier foundation.

The objective of « Rewrite your story » is to create a space for exchange, listening, sharing and especially transformation through writing. The strength of the group is to bring another perspective on our experiences in a warm and caring environment.

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