Fina Mona

Clinical Psychologist

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Some seasons of life are much more difficult.

A change of situation such as death, professional exhaustion, a traumatic event, break-up can upset your balance. During these challenging seasons, we need someone to listen as we put words to our pain. We don’t always know where to turn.

As a clinical psychologist, I believe that by renewing our thoughts we can access the abundant life we have been promised.

Together, by exploring the painful moments of your life, we can make sense of them and find new strength for your future.




Individual Psychological Support

in the office or online


50€ per consultation

(+/- 45 min.)

Therapeutical Writing Workshop

Therapeutic Writing Workshop

Group of max. 9 people


20€ by attendance



About Me

With a Master’s degree in Psychological Sciences (Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve) and a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Pastoral Care (Continental Theological Seminary), I offer psychological support to help those who are suffering. 

My integrative practice borrows techniques from different psychological and spiritual currents. My approach looks at the whole person and allows for a tailored approach to the needs of the client.

For those who wish, I incorporate a Christian perspective in my psychological practice.

My practice is located close to Brussels Central Station. Optionally, I conduct sessions online. I offer a safe and caring environment, including active and empathetic listening.

Additionally, I organize therapeutic writing workshops where participants write down their thoughts, images and emotions learning to listen to themselves.